How to Apply > Next Steps

Once you have submitted your OUAC application, you will need to go through your next steps. Please be sure to pay close attention to the both the Application and Document deadlines. You must submit all documentation in order for your application to be complete. All documents should include the student’s full name and the 10 digit University of Toronto Applicant Number (not OUAC number).

For detailed information about how to apply to the University of Toronto, please refer to the Admissions website.

Application and Document Deadlines

The Application Deadline is the deadline for the completion of your OUAC profile. Please complete your application as soon as possible as this will speed up the application process. The Document Deadline is the deadline for submission of all your required documents (including academic transcripts, English proficiency test results etc). Some departments have mandatory Supplementary Applications which also have their own deadlines.

Please click below to see the application and document deadlines.