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The IFP’s innovative format merges undergraduate university courses with intensive language and academic training and support.

Designed for international students who need to improve their English fluency before undertaking the rigors of a full-time undergraduate degree, the IFP will help you develop your skills in genuine academic contexts and help you prepare for success.

Credit Courses

The integration of English language learning with a first year university course will allow you to work on the specific skills that you will need as a full-time undergraduate student at the University of Toronto.

During the IFP, you will take one of the courses listed below and earn one full credit or half credit towards your undergraduate degree.

The credit course that you will take depends on the Faculty you have been admitted to.

Faculty Fall/Winter IFP Summer IFP
Arts & Science History Course
IFP100Y1 Credits: 1.0
History Course
IFP100H1 Credits: 0.5
Applied Science & Engineering Engineering Course
APS113Y1 Credits: 1.0
Engineering Course
APS:TBD Credits: 0.5
Architecture, Landscape, & Design History Course
IFP101Y1 Credits: 1.0
History Course
IFP101H1 Credits: 0.5
Music History Course
IFP102Y1 Credits: 1.0
History Course
IFP102H1 Credits: 0.5

Language and Academic Skills Development Courses

Using readings, lecture content, assignments, and requirements from your degree course, you will learn how to interpret information presented through a variety of written and oral mediums; construct arguments supported by evidence; and present ideas in small group and tutorial environments.

You must successfully complete the concurrent courses listed below in order to continue your undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto:

Fall/Winter IFP Summer IFP
Academic Listening & Speaking
Academic Listening & Speaking
Critical Reading & Writing
Critical Reading & Writing
University Skills & Strategies

*IFP Engineering Stream course codes

Discipline-Specific Courses (Fall/Winter IFP only)

Fall/Winter IFP only

If you are enrolled in the Fall/Winter IFP, you will take one discipline-specific course which corresponds to your admission offer. The purpose of these courses is to introduce you to the academic requirements of your discipline of study.

These courses, taught by instructors from specific university departments, introduce the necessary vocabulary, assignment types, and evaluations used in your specific area of study.

Discipline-specific courses are only available to students attending the Fall/Winter IFP.

You will select your discipline-specific course from a variety of choices:

Critical Thinking in Economics
IFP040Y1 Term: Winter
Introduction to the Study of Mathematics
IFP050Y1 Term: Winter
Critical Thinking in Psychology
IFP060Y1 Term: Winter
Problem Solving in the Sciences
IFP070Y1 Term: Winter
Engineering Foundations in Mathematics*
IFP014Y1 Term: Fall & Winter
Applied Music**
IFP015Y1 Term: Fall & Winter

*IFP Engineering stream only
**IFP Music stream only