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During your IFP experience, you will be introduced to your faculty and your admission stream, which forms the foundation of your university experience in the coming years.


Each faculty has their own exceptional traits, offering students unique and rewarding experience and opportunities.

As an IFP student, you were accepted into one of the following Faculties:

It is important to remember that you cannot switch your faculty after you have been accepted into the IFP.

For example, if you are accepted into the Faculty of Arts & Science and wish to switch to the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, you will have to reapply to the University of Toronto.

Admission Stream

Your admission stream is the category of study in your Faculty that you applied to and that the University of Toronto has accepted you for.

Each admission category offers a wide range of courses and academic options for you to choose from upon your successful completion of the IFP.

You cannot switch your admission stream once you have received your offer of admission.